2020-2021 Team

Yamen Aboamer


Ricky Liu

VP Events

Ningsong Shen

VP Finance

Terry Ju

VP Communications

Our History

The Western Chess Club is the premier place for all things chess- and go-related at Western University. We are one of the older running clubs on campus with almost 100 members in our (online) community. As a USC ratified club, we are a part of the official club system and welcome all students.

Every week, we gather members interested in chess at all levels for an evening of fun over-the-board. We offer a welcoming environment, and a culture of giving back where members help each other out. Anyone can join, and we're always happy to help.

We also have the privilege of participating in external tournaments, where we meet other chess clubs and represent Western. Sometimes, we even host these events and invite other schools to join us for a chess event. This has always been a great part of our members' experiences and we strive to maintain that fun environment.

Recently, we have begun an initiative to improve chess education for our members, allowing them to improve at their game. We plan to run training sessions and interactive problems for everyone to try.

Looking to the future, we hope to continue the success of the club at the school and increase its reach. We're always growing and we look forward to the years ahead!